Guide to Getting Started

What type of development are you doing?


I'm looking to connect hardware and devices to Itron Networked Solutions.

Regardless of device type and whatever your solution or deployment, we have the resources to support you. 


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I'd like to connect other networks to Itron Networked Solutions.

Or, I'd like to replace a modem to lower my cost of data transport.

Or, I'd like to develop an edge compute application that runs on Itron Networked Solutions.


Learn More About Connecting Networks and/or Edge Compute



I'd like to connect backoffice software on Itron Networked Solutions. 

If you have a particular administrative application, billing, accounting, or a proprietary service that you would like to connect and integrate with our network data platform, click below to learn about the types of implementations we have available.


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I'd like end to end connectivity between my devices and backoffice software over Itron Networked Solutions. 

If you have a solution that requires end to end connectivity between devices and a backoffice software using Itron Networked Solutions, click the button below.


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