IoT Edge Router BLE Sensor Snappy App

BLE Sensor Reference Application Using Snappy on the IoT Edge Router

Get the IoT Edge Router BLE Sensor Reference App on GitHub
This reference application is an Ubuntu Core application running on the IoT Edge Router. The application collects sensor values from a sensor over Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and sends them to the Itron Networked Solutions Data Platform.


The BLE sensor reference application is an Ubuntu Core app that will run on Itron IoT Edge Router. The application demonstrates the collection of sensor measurements from sensors connected to the IoT Edge Router over Bluetooth low energy (BLE). The sensor used in this reference application is a TI Sensor tag. Communication between the sensor and the IoT Edge Router is done over BLE.

Hardware Needed


Obtain UUID of TI Sensor Tag

  • Power On the TI Sensor-tag so it can be detected from the IoT Edge Router board.
  • Scan the TI sensor tag using the hcitool lescan command (installed as part of BLE Reference Snap. It should provide the UUID that is required to connect to TI sensor tag


Obtaining the Security Token from the Itron Data Platform

  • To store data in the Itron Data Platform, the IoT Edge Router reference application should have an OAuth token (API key).
  • Each call must include an Authorization http header that specifies the token. A token is obtained with a Client ID and Secret API key. Your client ID and Secret can be obtained from your developer account. See Create an Account.


Software Update if Needed

Log into the dev account on your IoT Edge Router (user=dev; pass=starfish) and

  1. Download the IoT Edge Router reference snap application from GitHub:
  2. Install the snap:
    sudo snap install --dangerous --devmode starfish-sensortag-app_0.3_armhf.snap

To upgrade the snap when a new revision becomes available:

  1. Download the new snap from GitHub:
  2. Remove the previous snap:
    sudo snap remove starfish-sensortag-app_0.3_armhf.snap
  3. Install the new snap:
    sudo snap install --dangerous --devmode starfish-sensortag-app_X.XX_armhf.snap

Build and Install the Reference Application

Complete the following steps to build and install the reference Ubuntu Core application.

  1. Ensure the pre-requisites are met on the Linux machine on which the application is to be built
  • Internet connectivity
  • Latest version (v2.28) of the Snapcraft tool installed on the development machine
  1. Build and install the snap. Refer to the Readme file at the Itron Networked Solutions Github repository for detailed instructions about how to build and install the snap application on the IoT Edge Router. 
  2. Following are the applications available in the /snap/bin directory when the IoT Edge Router reference snap application (starfish-sensortag-app) is installed on the Ubuntu Core image running on the IoT Edge Router platform board.
  • This is the main application that obtains sensor data from the TI Sensor-tag, and post to the Itron Networked Solutions Data Platform
  • starfish-sensortag-app.hciconfig: This application provides support to handle Bluetooth controller interfaces configurations on the IoT Edge Router platform board.
  • starfish-sensortag-app.hcitool: This application provides support to scan nearby devices that support the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) profile.